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siobhan reddy

Media Molecule's Siobhan Reddy: 'Culture is like a garden. It needs to be cultivated.'

Reddy’s name might have less household recognition than previous BAFTA Fellowship recipients, but her impact on the industry with Media…


The 'gay button' in gaming: why LGBTQ+ representation in videogames shouldn't be hidden

Representation in gaming is getting better, games are no longer relying on stereotypical representations and LGBTQ+ characters are gaining a…

Ava's Manor Mighty Kingdom

Mighty Kingdom Turns Ten: An interview with CEO Philip Mayes

The games studio founder shares a decade of insight into scaling up, staying sustainable, and why you should ask if…

unreal engine virtual post production

Unreal Engine, short films, and virtual post-production

Writer/Director Josh Tanner sat down with the CEO of Dreamscreen Australia and the head of Epic Games’ LA Lab on…


The lifetime climate cost of your next-gen console

Videogame consoles aren't covered under energy efficiency regulations in Australia and NZ, but that doesn't mean there isn't a price.


ACMI: Rebooting the museum of the moving image

After closing for a major make-over (and pandemic postponement) the Australian Centre for the Moving Image is re-opening with a…


Making video games for a dying planet

What can video games contribute to the climate conversation?


Code-free game making tools to get you started

Don't let a lack of programming know-how hold you back from developing videogames.


What 2020 taught us about games (and life)

Screenhub catches up with some of the leading lights of the local games industry, to hear about the lessons they…


The surprising ways games challenge how people think about themselves and the world

Increasingly, console games help us question the ways we see, think or feel about the world, the game, even ourselves.

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