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pokemon scarlet violet updates

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are getting major updates

Nintendo has apologised for the performance woes facing many keen players.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Poor Pokemon Scarlet and Violet technical performance analysed by Digital Foundry

The technically-minded Digital Foundry has gone hands-on with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, breaking down the game’s various technical issues.

pokemon scarlet and violet company donation

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sell over 10 million copies in three days

Despite technical performance issues, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have become the best and fastest-selling games in Nintendo history.

pokemon presents pokemon day february 2024

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review – A shiny, Terastallized gem

Pokemon Violet is a grand and impressive adventure that heralds a new chapter for Pokemon – although it is held…

pokemon scarlet and pokemon violet tips guide tricks

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet guide: 13 tips to help you succeed

Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet send you on a wild journey through Paldea. Here's how to make the most of…

pokemon violet scarlet february 2023 update

How long do Pokemon Scarlet and Violet take to beat?

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet are robust games that invite players to travel a wide open world, and complete quests with…

pokemon scarlet violet review

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review roundup 

The reviews for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are in, and despite its technical flaws, it’s gotten many excited for the…

pokemon scarlet and violet company donation

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leak, spoilers in the wild

Fans have reportedly gotten their hands on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet early, with screenshots now being shared online.

pokemon scarlet violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer reveals ghost dog, Greavard

Greavard is a new ghost-type Pokemon that looks adorable, but will absorb your life force.

bellibolt scarlet and violet

Everyone loves Bellibolt, the electric frog Pokemon

Bellibolt has set the internet on fire with its cute, rosy cheeks and round, electric-powered belly.

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