Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leak, spoilers in the wild

Fans have reportedly gotten their hands on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet early, with screenshots now being shared online.
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If you’re excited for the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet on 18 November, it might be best to stay off the internet for the time being. Across social media and YouTube, brand new screenshots and footage from the games are leaking, courtesy of fans who’ve reportedly nabbed early copies. Amongst the new screenshots posted are previously unseen Pokemon, new regions, and spoilers for the game’s main story.

The only real caveat is the majority of these images feature Spanish-language text, which means spoilers aren’t too obvious on first glance. That said, there are some significant new details in the screenshots circulating, so if you’re keen to go in spoiler-free, stay cautious as you’re browsing the wild web.

It’s currently unknown how these leaks occurred – although it’s likely a retailer was involved. The Pokemon Company usually runs a very tight ship, with review codes and other copies being treated with the utmost care. Whoever is leaking the screenshots, which are being posted online and taken down just as quickly, does not appear to be bound by traditional NDAs.

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Greavard, a new Ghost dog Pokemon revealed in October. (Image: The Pokemon Company)

Unfortunately, this is the second time a major leak has hit the Pokemon franchise. When Legends: Arceus launched in early 2022, it also arrived early for some keen players – leading to plenty of spoilers online.

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As noted by VGC, it appears there are one or two sources for the existing leak – although with images now being saved and shared widely, it may be too late to contain the unplanned reveals. Twitter users have been re-sharing the images with impressive zest, although Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are now chasing down these leaks.

With more than a week until release, it’s a major shame to see spoilers doing the rounds. There are plenty of fans wanting to go in fresh – and they should be able to do so. If you spot any Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet spoilers online, it’s best to move on and not spoil the game for anyone else.

Over the coming week, expect to hear more about these games as Nintendo gears up for the official release of Scarlet and Violet on 18 November 2022.

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