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league of geeks jumplight odyssey

Jumplight Odyssey sets early access launch for 2023

Space adventure-simulator Jumplight Odyssey is set to hit early access via Steam in 2023.

jumplight odyssey league of geeks game

League of Geeks reveals new game, Jumplight Odyssey

Jumplight Odyssey is a starship adventure sim inspired by classic anime of the 1970s.

Frog Detective and friends

Frog Detective's Grace Bruxner is moving on

Frog Detective's Creative Director Grace Bruxner talks about how it feels to say goodbye to the trilogy that defined the…

solium infernum league of geeks

League of Geeks announces next game, Solium Infernum

Cult strategy game Solium Infernum is returning in a brand new form, thanks to League of Geeks.

league of geeks game

League of Geeks is teasing a hellish new game

League of Geeks, the Australian studio behind Armello, is teasing its next major project.

league of geeks kowloon nights

League of Geeks signs with publisher Kowloon Nights

League of Geeks has partnered with Kowloon Nights for two brand new IPs.

Megan Nairn, League of Geeks' Studio Manager, smiles in front of a pink background
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How does the Digital Games Tax Offset fit into Australia's screen incentives?

Is a $500k minimum spend punishingly high? Is a 30% offset enough? What's different for film and TV? Game developers,…

IGEA survey shows gender gap

IGEA survey shows games industry growth, but gender gap remains

COVID has barely touched the growing local game development industry, but IGEA's survey also reveals some stark truths about gender…


Where do all Australia's senior game developers go?

Despite Australia's vibrant creative games culture, studios are struggling to hire expert talent.