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Jumplight Odyssey sets early access launch for 2023

Space adventure-simulator Jumplight Odyssey is set to hit early access via Steam in 2023.
league of geeks jumplight odyssey

Jumplight Odyssey, the retro anime-influenced spaceship simulator from Australian studio League of Geeks, has been given a major spotlight during IGN Fan Fest 2023. A new gameplay and early access trailer showed off everything we can expect from the star-bound ship adventure.

In Jumplight Odyssey, you must protect a crew of explorers, keeping them happy and hopeful even as they’re plagued by disasters. As seen in the new gameplay trailer, you’ll have to contend with a range of dangers on your path to the mysterious ‘Forever Star,’ including fires and open air locks – the usual space-faring problems.

By encouraging teamwork, going on mini-quests for resources, and training engineers and doctors, you’ll be able to overcome these disasters – but there are complications waiting at every turn. You’ll be pursued by a ‘relentless enemy’ on your path to safety, and need to make ‘tough decisions’ to survive the journey – including whether or not to abandon your crew to the bleak darkness of space.

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You can check out the new trailer for the game below:

And here’s the official game description, per League of Geeks:

‘In Jumplight Odyssey, you’ll need to gather survivors, repair and build out your starship, brave black holes, and fend off pirates, all while managing the daily soap opera of your colourful crew. Are you ready to make hard decisions for your ship and crew on your way to the Forever Star? In JLO, you’ll need to weigh up allocating resources to:

  • Farm and forage in the ship’s Greenhouse
  • Craft and create using the Fabricators
  • Promote, fire and manage your colony
  • And much, much more!’

Of course, you’ll also be able to spend your time in Jumplight Odyssey petting the ship’s adorable pig.

The game is set to enter early access in 2023 – and you can now wishlist it on Steam to be notified on launch. While an exact release date has not been provided, the game’s latest gameplay trailer provides plenty of reasons to keep this adventure sim on your radar.

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