Australian studio League of Geeks announces indefinite hiatus

League of Geeks is entering a period of hibernation "for the foreseeable future."
solium infernum league of geeks

League of Geeks, one of Australia’s most established independent studios, has announced an indefinite hiatus, as a result of the current economic conditions surrounding game development. Over the last year, the studio has experienced a range of issues gaining funding for existing and new projects – a challenge which recently halted development on Jumplight Odyssey, and inspired a wave of layoffs – and it appears a solution has not been found.

In a post on its website, the League of Geeks leadership team confirmed the studio was unable to continue in its existing form, even with a reduction in staff and project scope. Solium Infernum, the latest release from the studio, proved to be a strong critical success in 2024, but its sales revenue hasn’t been enough to support further active development, or any DLC content.

Jumplight Odyssey has also “not found workable and timely investment that would reinstate development on the title” despite a concerted push to re-ignite the project. This game will eventually come out of early access, but as League of Geeks has made clear, the released version of the game will not be its “fully realised v1.0 release” as intended.

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Armello, League of Geeks’ wildly successful strategy-based virtual board game, will continue to “cruise along as it has for the past few years,” with this hibernation announcement unlikely to impact the nature of the game, and its currently rotating seasonal content.

As for the studio itself, the vast majority of developers have now been laid off or “moved on to exciting new endeavours.”

“We’re not sure when (or if) we will resurrect this great beast, but we’re incredibly proud of all we’ve achieved, both in the experiences we’ve crafted together, the great developers who made LoG a world-class development environment, the peers we inspired along the way, and of course, those community members who believed in what we made, how we made it, and supported us fiercely in those convictions,” the League of Geeks team said.

“Now it’s time for rest, some play, and other opportunities.”

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