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Solium Infernum release delayed by one week

Solium Infernum has slipped into the later half of February 2024.
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Solium Infernum, the upcoming political strategy game set in hell, has been slightly delayed, with developer League of Geeks taking to Twitter / X to announce a new release date. While previously set to release in mid-February 2024, it will now launch on 22 February 2024. The eight-day delay will allow the team to work on “extra polish” and meeting player expectations.

“We are in the privileged position of being able to slightly delay our launch, and so we have seized the opportunity to put as much extra polish and love into the game as possible,” the studio said. “We’re extremely proud of how it’s coming together and could not be more excited to have you all in-game… destroying your friendships.”

Beyond polish, an exact reason for the delay was not cited by League of Geeks – however, the studio had noted some issues for game stability and reliability in a recent beta test. Per a Steam blog post, a number of “gnarly bugs” were spotted during this phase, and these may have contributed to the decision to slightly delay the game.

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“We learned a lot about the stability of our game on the MP Weekend. Which is great news, because that is literally the exact reason why we ran it!” the studio said at the time. “We hit a little nest of gnarly bugs early into the Australian Saturday that prevented turn submissions … We jumped on deck over the weekend, drank a lot of coffee, and pushed a hotfix that ironed out the majority of bugs triggering those issues. Now we have all eyes on nuking them entirely ahead of launch.”

“While we obviously can’t and would never guarantee that the game will be completely bug free at launch (if only!) we can assure you that we have very aggressive targets for stability, take it extremely seriously and have not only some of our best minds on this, but are receiving support from our external partners ahead of launch too.”

Over the coming month, work on these bugs is likely to continue.

It’s also worth noting that Solium Infernum is currently being developed with reduced capacity, following recent, significant layoffs at League of Geeks which also led to the shuttering of spaceship management sim, Jumplight Odyssey.

We’ll likely hear more about progress on Solium Infernum as we head towards its new release date of 22 February 2024.

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