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Halo Infinite

Halo Paramount+ TV series

Halo TV series gets new trailer ahead of Paramount Plus launch

A new trailer for the Halo TV series on Paramount Plus has given us a more detailed look at where…

Microsoft has reported growing revenues, thanks in part to its gaming division and titles like Halo Infinite

Microsoft reports increased Xbox revenue and biggest Halo launch ever

Microsoft reports higher-than-expected revenue for the fourth quarter of 2021, with gaming growing and Halo Infinite doing very well.

Edmond Tran reflects on the best games of 2021, including The Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye
Opinions & Analysis

The Defining Games of 2021, at least for Edmond Tran

GamesHub's managing editor reflects on 2021 and the video games that defined his year.


The Best Xbox Games of 2021

From great co-op experiences to iconic racing and shooting blockbusters, here are our picks for the best Xbox games of…

halo infinite zelda like

Halo Infinite reportedly had a 'Breath of the Wild' open world before cuts

According to a fresh report, Halo Infinite was previously more ambitious in scope before the studio was forced to cut…

Halo Infinite review

Halo Infinite Review – Campaign and Multiplayer

Excellent fundamental mechanics make the flow of action in Halo Infinite inherently satisfying, even if the frills don't feel as…

halo infinite subreddit

Halo Infinite subreddit locked due to public threats, toxicity

The Halo Infinite subreddit has been temporarily locked by moderators for 'excessive toxicity'.

halo infinite multiplayer beta australia

The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is now live, here's how to access it

The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is now live for all players.

halo infinite campaign trailer

New Halo Infinite campaign trailer reveals story details

Master Chief will uncover what damage Cortana has done in Halo Infinite.