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Are you looking for a job in the gaming world? GamesHub lists the latest vacancies in this exciting space. Grow your career with our comprehensive career advice and industry news. Here are some job types you may not have considered:- Narrative jobs, Concept artists, engineering games, game security engineers, video game tester jobs, 3d Environment artists, gameplay programmers, writing & narrative designer jobs, editing jobs, software engineers, technical artists, character artist jobs, technical games design, FX & UI artists, 2D Artist Remote, XR Animator, freelance 2D artist jobs, QA roles, remote content manager jobs, wireframe designers, performance test engineers, game UX. We advertise jobs work-from-home, across Australia and WorldWide including Canada, USA, UK and NZ Gaming Jobs. Subscribe to our GamesHub newsletters for more gaming news and we’ll send you the latest in gaming and special offers direct to your inbox.