Atari is reviving the Infogrames publishing label

Atari is bringing back Infogrames after more than a decade of the brand's absence.
atari infogrames revival

Atari has announced it will bring back its Infogrames publishing label, leaning into its reputation for quality. Infogrames was prolific in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, publishing a range of fondly-remembered games like the original Alone in the Dark, and entries in the RollerCoaster Tycoon series.

Around 2009, Infogrames officially rebranded to Atari, to avoid confusion of the “duality” between Infogrames and its parent company, Atari. Since then, the Infogrames name has not been used – but now, it appears Atari is keen to revive the brand under its original directive: to publish great games.

“For decades, Infogrames built a reputation as a publisher and developer of amazing and eclectic games, and we are excited to bring it back,” Wade Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Atari said on Twitter / X.

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Per details shared on the Atari website, the revived Infogrames is a label that will “publish games that fall outside the core portfolio of IP associated with the Atari brand.” In future, Infogrames will set about “expanding digital and physical distribution” by acquiring new titles, and “developing new collections and sequels.” It will also work towards preserving classic games, as “Infogrames sees game preservations as a core component of its mission.”

Its first game acquisition is Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a game from tinyBuild. Given the wording suggested by the Infogrames announcement, the publisher could be working with tinyBuild on a sequel of some form.

As for what else Infogrames may be working on, that remains a mystery. As part of Atari, Infogrames maintains access to a vast catalog of classic games, some of which have shared rights with other publishers and developers. With “new collections and sequels” planned, we could see Infogrames re-releasing its classic adventures, or working on new games in its most popular, nostalgic franchises.

Whatever the case, it appears there’s big plans in the works. It’s best to keep an eye on the Atari socials for more details about this surprise Infogrames relaunch.

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