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Bandai Namco releases three free games on Steam

Bandai Namco has released three new titles from its "indie" label, Gyaar Studio.
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Bandai Namco has published three free games on Steam, all of which are products of its “indie” publishing label, Gyaar Studio. As detailed by VGC, Gyaar Studio typically produces smaller, more experimental games to season new recruits who may go on to work on larger titles within Bandai Namco.

According to its website, Gyaar aims to make “amusing games with fresh gameplay” as a means to be more experimental, outlandish, and creative. Where AAA game production is often sameish and unsurprising, Gyaar aims to be a salve.

“What is Gyaar Studio? Amusing games with fresh gameplay. Collaborative development with players. Rapid production. Transforming ideas into reality. It is with these lofty ideals that our studio came into being.”

With support from Bandai Namco, Gyaar serves to foster new talent, and to realise smaller game ideas that remain fun, moreish, and intriguing. As noted by VGC, last year’s BitSummit in Kyoto played host to three new game releases from Gyaar. This year, the studio’s latest games are being made available to the public.

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The three games released chart different genres and gameplay styles:

  • Doronko Wanko is an “action game” centred around a tiny Pomeranian puppy. In the game, your goal is to mess up your master’s home by causing as much chaos as possible.
  • NOTTLOT is a “robot hacking action game” where you play as Rolly, a tiny robot who can use his hacking ability to control enemies.
  • BOOMEROAD is a an “action-adventure game” where players slide along “boomerang rails” and traverse an ancient city in the sky, searching for strange artefacts.

What is most notable about all three games is the level of polish in their ideas and art direction. While they are free, small games, they have plenty of promise, and demonstrate the core talent within Gyaar Studio. Doronko Wanko looks particularly adorable, with its cutesy animal companions, and its sense of wholesomeness.

To check out what Gyaar Studio has been working on recently, you can now download each game for free on Steam. You can also check out past Gyaar Studio titles on its website.

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