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Monash University

Bachelor of Information Technology and Science

In an age of increasing technological advancements the synergy between science and information technology will only become stronger. IT underpins virtually all areas of science and the world needs graduates who can straddle both.In this double degree course you will acquire creative and analytical skills to use IT to advance science. This could be anything from designing a stunning visualisation of scientific data, to building an app for fieldwork data collection to setting up the business IT processes to deliver a scientific product via the internet. Your combined IT and science skillset will be in high demand from industry.
This course leads to two separate degrees:

  • the Bachelor of Information Technology, and
  • the Bachelor of Science.
You will gain all the benefits of each degree course (see Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Science) and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either field separately or to combine the two in your chosen work. Depending on IT major you choose, you could:
  • use your technical skills from Software development to create simulations and visualisations for anything from weather forecasting to threatened species population modelling
  • apply your creative skills and design flair from Games and immersive media to create an app or game that gets kids excited about science
  • use your practical understanding of Business information systems to launch a science-enabled on-line business
  • put your Networks and security skills to work setting up the scientific instrumentation for tsunami warning or monitoring ice melts in Antarctica.
You will hone your practical skills through either an industry experience studio project, or the highly regarded IT Industry Based Learning (IBL) scholarship program, and be ready to kick-start your career delivering IT-based scientific solutions to the world.