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New South Wales

University of Technology Sydney

Bachelor of Computing Science

The Bachelor of Computing Science offers a full grounding in the central disciplines of IT and Computing Science, including both theory and professional practice. Utilising a cadetship model of study, the degree builds professional aptitude and workplace experience while studying. It is aimed at student with a passion for computer science, IT and related fields who are looking toward technically oriented industry positions.

The Bachelor of Computing Science is part of the Industry Degree Academy program, which uniquely combines work and study in an integrated cadetship format where students’ workplace activities are credited towards this degree. Unlike working while studying, the Bachelor of Computing Science is designed to enable employers and students to actively contribute to the learning outcomes via portfolios and industry certifications and training. As well as gaining strong technical skills and a full qualification in computing science and IT for their chosen specialisation, students also gain skills in problem-solving, teamwork, project management and communication.

Course aims

This course aims to produce graduates who can apply, in the context of any organisation, the knowledge and skills required of:

  • information technology professionals who develop systems from first principles,
  • software developers who design and implement software solutions to problems,
  • cybersecurity and network specialists who build, maintain, secure and administer complex systems,
  • computing specialists for technical research and development careers, and
  • data scientists who interrogate complex datasets.