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Ubisoft Forward Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft emphasises changes to working conditions during earnings report

During its 2021-22 earnings report, the company spent as much time speaking to its working conditions as it did to…

australian games industry fy 2021 2022 figures

Aussie game Wayward Strand finally has a release date

Wayward Strand is one of the most anticipated Australian-made games of the year – and we finally know when it'll…

venom spider-man 2

Mo-cap work for Venom in Spider-Man 2 is likely underway

Venom actor Tony Todd appeared to tease the start of motion capture work for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 on Twitter.

mass effect amazon tv show

Mass Effect fans think iconic character could return in sequel

Fans have spotted a clue in unreleased Mass Effect 4 merchandise that could spoil a major character's return.

crisis core final fantasy playstation plus
Opinions & Analysis

Every PSP game that should be on all-new PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation Portable is one of the most underrated consoles – and its entire lineup is worthy of being included…

wwe 2k20 2k19

WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20 are going offline in June

WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20 will no longer be playable online from June 2022.

gotham knights red hood nightwing

New Gotham Knights trailer showcases Red Hood, Nightwing

The brand new trailer for Gotham Knights has shown off unique abilities for Red Hood and Nightwing.

Eiyuden Chronicles Rising Review Snapshot - The First 5 hours

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Review Snapshot: The First 5 Hours

From the minds behind Suikoden comes Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, lightweight 2D action RPG that some might find a little too…

fifa 23 ultimate team packs gambling loot boxes

Everything we learned from the latest EA financial report

The latest EA financial report has revealed major growth in net bookings, and future plans for the gaming calendar.

PlayStation financial results 2021 2022 PS5 PS4

The key takeaways from the FY21 PlayStation financial report

The PlayStation business continues to grow. Here are the new figures Sony shared about PS5 sales, game sales, and digital…

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