Redfall deep dive reveals more of Arkane’s vampire shooter

A new video has dived deep with Redfall, revealing more about the highly-anticipated vampire shooter.
redfall deep dive video

Arkane Studios has released a major deep dive into Redfall, with a new video focussing on the upcoming game’s development cycle, art direction, and gameplay. Originally appearing as part of QuakeCon 2022, the video has now been release online for everyone – and it really is an intriguing, insightful watch.

The new ‘Bringing Redfall to life with Arkane Austin’ showcase kicks off with a chat between Studio Director Harvey Smith, Creative Director Ricardo Bare, Art Director Karen Segars, and Lead Producer Aaron Carter and is littered with new looks at the game.

Redfall is our effort to take what Arkane does well – hybrid of first person games and RPGs – and stretch ourselves a little bit,’ Smith said of the game. ‘Does this work in the open world? Does it work both solo, and with co-op players? Can we take all our narrative layers and our improvisational mechanics, and our style, and spread that out across an open world?’

‘For me, Redfall represents our most ambitious title,’ Bare said. He described the team’s ambitions as being twofold – they aimed to make a great co-op experience for everyone to enjoy, while also creating a meaty solo experience that remains fun and playable alone.

You can see some of this gameplay in the new showcase:

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Bare also detailed some of the game’s major combat mechanics in this deep dive, describing multi-layered fights that can be approached from different angles. Players can lean heavily into stealth in their approach, or lay down traps, or use their vampiric abilities to overcome enemies.

No matter what your preferred playing style is, it appears Redfall will cater to your demands. According to Smith, these combat styles will also be complicated by how the game’s world changes, particularly between night and day. Players will need to adapt their techniques as they explore the game’s landscape, and discover the best ways to conquer enemies.

According to Segars, Redfall is the biggest game from Arkane Austin yet, with a wide, open world filled with danger. Depending on the weather and time of day, this open world will have a different look and features, changing up exploration as well as combat.

When Redfall launches for Xbox and PC, players will be able to explore this dense and dangerous world for themselves, either solo or in co-op. While the game does not currently have a firm release date, it will launch in the first half of 2023 alongside Bethesda’s other major release, Starfield.

For a look at the upcoming game, check out the new deep dive video.

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