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Umurangi Generation Best of 2022 Game of the Year

Umurangi Generation developer on the impactful moments of 2022

Naphtali Faulker, developer of Umurangi Generation, shares the media and moments that had the most impact on him in 2022.

epic games holiday sale goat simulator 3

Goat Simulator 3 gets Take-Two takedown over GTA 6 footage

A new Goat Simulator 3 advertisement has been pulled due to its use of leaked GTA 6 footage.

junker queen overwatch 2 cma activision blizzard

Microsoft's Activision Blizzard merger has 75% public approval rate

Microsoft's Activision Blizzard merger has received plenty of public support in submitted appeals.

All The Big Video Game Events 2023

All the big video game events in 2023

The video game events industry is set to get back on track in 2023, following a rocky few years.

Fuzzy Ghost Best of 2022 Game of the Year

Award-winning developers Fuzzy Ghost on their favourite games of 2022

Pete and Scott from Fuzzy Ghost, developers of the award-winning Queer Man Peering Into A Rock Pool.jpg, share their favourite…

Meredith Hall Best of 2022 Game of the Year

Meredith Hall on 2022 with God of War, Card Shark, and RMIT Games

Meredith hall of Summerfall Games, Strange Scaffold, and Aconite reflects on her 2022 through video games big and small.

God of War Ragnarok Photo Mode

God of War TV show will be 'incredibly true' to the source material

The upcoming God of War adaptation will also be 'huge', according to Amazon Studios' head of television.

Freeplay Parallels 2022

Freeplay: Parallels and making games on your own terms

Freeplay: Parallels at Melbourne International Games Week 2022 was a much-needed reiteration that making games for yourself can be fulfilling.

epic games fortnite donation

Epic Games fined US $520 million for Fortnite privacy violations

Epic Games has today been ordered to pay the FTC for multiple violations of privacy law, and for 'tricking users'.

death stranding 2

Death Stranding is getting a movie from Kojima and Hammerstone

The new film adaptation will reportedly tell an original story set in the game's universe.

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