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The Last of Us HBO - Episode 3 Recap - 'Long, Long Time'

The Last of Us - Episode 3 Recap - 'Long, Long Time'

Episode 3 of HBO’s adaptation The Last of Us takes a significant sidebar to explore the post-apocalyptic love story of…

Dead Space Remake feature

Pulling Dead Space from the shadow of its remake

What makes a successful remake? Is Dead Space (2023) one of them? And how does it alter our perception and…

ubisoft cancelled games january 2023

Ubisoft explains why several of its upcoming games were cancelled

Ubisoft's ambitions have been scaled back over the last year, due to a variety of factors.

tetris apple original films

Tetris movie adaptation for Apple TV+ gets first trailer

Taron Egerton stars in 'Tetris', an Apple Original Film exploring the history of the smash hit puzzler.

genshin impact tighnari actor allegations

Genshin Impact voice actor will be recast due to 'breach of contact'

Elliot Gindi will no longer voice Tighnari in the English version of the popular adventure game.

fuzzy ghost janet dumornay renter nightmares

Fuzzy Ghost wants your rental nightmares for upcoming game

Fuzzy Ghost is current working on its next game, Janet DeMornay is a Slumlord (and a witch).

Serenade Event Sabbatical Gallery

'Serenade' brings experimental Sydney games to Melbourne

The Serenade collective is highlighting the work of the Sydney and NSW experimental art game scene, bringing them to Melbourne.

atomic heart review roundup mundfish

Atomic Heart composer Mick Gordon donates fee to Ukraine aid

Gordon has donated his earnings from Atomic Heart to the Red Cross' Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Stephanie Economou, Grammy Award-winning composer.

Grammy Award-winning composer Stephanie Economou on her win and industry validation

Stephanie Economou, the composer of Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok, talks about what her Grammy win means for the…

creatures of sonaria roblox

Multiple Roblox games are reportedly being adapted for TV

Creatures of Sonaria and Twilight Daycare Series are in the process of being adapted into episodic TV shows.

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