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boba master quokka games

Boba Master is a cosy slice-of-life card game packed with tricks

In Boba Master, you must mix your own bubble tea – but there's a clever catch in this Australian-made game.

Global Game Jam Games 2023

Small and special: The best game jam games to play right now

Short, creative, and free to play, the things that come out of Game Jams can be superb. Here are some…

HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast – Episode 5 Recap – ‘Endure and Survive’

The Last of Us Podcast Recap – Behind the Scenes on Episode 5

The Last of Us creators discuss casting a deaf actor, the morality of the Kansas City militia, and the troubles…

The Last of Us HBO TV series review

The Last of Us HBO review - A strong, worthwhile adaptation

The HBO TV series adaptation of The Last of Us is faithful to its already strong source material, though the…

The Last of Us HBO Lamar Johnson and Jeffrey Pierce Interview

The Last of Us interview: Henry and Perry actors examine their work

Lamar Johnson and Jeffrey Pierce discuss their creative processes during the filming of The Last of Us, and share their…

destiny 2 showcase reveal

Bungie has raised $200,000 for earthquake relief in Syria, Turkey

Destiny developer Bungie has raised a phenomenal amount for Turkey and Syria via its Bungie Foundation charity.

gex game jam

Celebrate Gex Week with this Gex-themed game jam

The unofficial Gex Week is kicking off with a special game jam for fans of the wise-cracking lizard.

super mario bros movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie launches website, plumbing ad

A new website and commercial has launched for 'SMB Plumbing', the fictional company of Mario and Luigi.

girl geek academy government funding women stem

Girl Geek Academy calls for better funding for women in STEM

Girl Geek Academy is calling on the Australian government to do more for women and girls in STEM fields.

sxsw sydney speakers event

SXSW Sydney 2023 announces first speakers, events, badge details

SXSW Sydney is set to kick off on 15 October 2023. Here's everything you need to know.

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