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A Warcraft mobile game is seemingly in the works

A Warcraft mobile game is in the works at Blizzard

The success of World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Activision Blizzard mobile titles in 2021 have heralded 'all-new' Warcraft mobile content.

nintendo mario switch nfts

Nintendo's latest financial reports reveal hearty software sales

Nintendo has finally spoken up about NFTs and acquisitions during a recent financial earnings call.

hitpiece nfts

NFT platform HitPiece is selling video game soundtracks without permission

NFT platform HitPiece has been caught selling NFTs for hundreds of music pieces it did not own the rights to.

destiny 2 showcase

Sony will launch 10 live service games by 2026

Sony and Bungie will reportedly work together on 'more than 10 live service games' by 2026.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 wants you to give a shit about cars

Gran Turismo 7 looks to be as complete and comprehensive as you would expect. But this time, it's going the…

ghostwire tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo finally gets long-anticipated release date

Ghostwire: Tokyo is joining a stacked list of games set to launch in March 2022.

suicide squad kill the justice league dcu james gunn dc

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reportedly delayed to 2023

A new report claims Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is the latest video game to receive a major delay.

VTubing laynalazer

How VTubing encourages creative self-expression for streamers

VTubing is often misunderstood, but it has the power to free creators and give them a new way to connect…

dark pictures anthology

What we know about the leaked Dark Pictures games

Supermassive Games has trademarked names for five new Dark Pictures projects. Here's what we know.

danny trejo olliolli world

Danny Trejo guest stars in OlliOlli World as a cool skater

Iconic actor Danny Trejo is joining the wholesome world of OlliOlli World as a rad guest skater.

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