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nintendo switch sports basketball

Nintendo Switch Sports gets Basketball on July 9

Nintendo Switch Sports continues to get regular, free updates thanks to player loyalty.

Edmond Tran Top 10 Games 2022 Game of the Year Best of 2022

Edmond Tran's Top 10 Games of 2022

GamesHub Managing Editor Edmond Tran shares his personal list of the Top 10 video games of 2022.

Nintendo Switch Sports Golf Release Date

Nintendo Switch Sports is finally getting its Golf update

Nintendo has officially revealed a release date for the highly anticipated golf mode for Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch sports online multiplayer

Nintendo is pushing online play with Switch Sports and Splatoon 3

The online multiplayer focus of Nintendo Switch Sports is part of a grander strategy to get people to subscribe to…

Nintendo Switch Sports review

Nintendo Switch Sports Review - Now THIS is esports

Approachable controls combined with ranked online multiplayer makes Nintendo Switch Sports an exciting outlet for high-stakes competition.

nintendo switch sports

Nintendo Switch Sports players are already breaking TVs

A great tradition has returned, as Nintendo Switch Sports players begin accidentally breaking their TVs.

nintendo switch sports soccer

New Nintendo Switch Sports trailer guarantees danger

A new trailer has shown off exactly how chaotic this game's version of soccer will be.

lego star wars skywalker saga

Every major video game launching in April 2022

April 2022 is a bit quiet for video games, but there's still plenty of gems on the way.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Wii Sports successor, Nintendo Switch Sports, announced

Nintendo today announced a successor to their incredibly iconic Wii Sports game, called Nintendo Switch Sports.