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starfield bethesda todd howard ama

Phil Spencer wants Starfield to be bigger than Skyrim

CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer has said the team wants to make Starfield the most-played Todd Howard game ever.

ghostwire tokyo game preview

Ghostwire: Tokyo isn't the game you're expecting

Ghostwire: Tokyo has largely been a mystery so far, but a new preview has shed light on its horror roots.

ghostwire tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo finally gets long-anticipated release date

Ghostwire: Tokyo is joining a stacked list of games set to launch in March 2022.

elder scrolls online high isle esky

Bethesda has commissioned a magical Elder Scrolls Online esky

To celebrate the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, Bethesda ANZ has commissioned a glorious piece of merchandise.

starfield dev diary

Starfield dev diary reveals new game details, concept art

A new developer diary has revealed how Bethesda's Starfield will invoke feelings of awe.

zenimax elder scrolls union

The Elder Scrolls 6 is very likely an Xbox exclusive game

In a new interview with GQ, Phil Spencer has shared his vision for The Elder Scrolls 6.

skyrim anniversary edition fishing
Opinions & Analysis

Fishing doesn't add much to Skyrim, but it hardly matters

Skyrim's latest iteration adds some new fishing spots, and not much else.

starfield bethesda todd howard ama

Bethesda's Todd Howard reveals non-binary option for Starfield, more facts

In a Reddit AMA, Todd Howard revealed more about Starfield, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

skyrim board game adventure gamefound

The new Skyrim board game sends you off on an epic quest

The tabletop adventure will expand on the world of the game.


Deathloop Review - Proving that creativity is the best weapon

Designed around building your confidence and agency, Deathloop succeeds showing you that the most powerful weapon is your ability to…

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