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starfield bethesda price raise increase microsoft xbox

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase announced for June

With E3 no longer taking place in 2022, it appears games companies will be holding their own independent showcases.

fallout 5 bethesda game studios

PSA: Migrate your Bethesda Launcher games to Steam now

Bethesda is shutting down its game launcher and encouraging players to migrate their digital games to Steam.

tales of tribute elder scrolls online

Tales of Tribute is set to spice up life in The Elder Scrolls Online

The brand new card game is set to change the landscape of Tamriel.

high isle elder scrolls online preview

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle preview – a dense political thriller

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is a more human chapter that spotlights fictional politics with a strangely relevant tale.

quakecon 2022

QuakeCon 2022 will take place digitally in August

QuakeCon 2022 will launch as a digital event in August, with fans invited to a number of special showcases.

vasco starfield

Starfield introduces your new favourite robot, VASCO

VASCO will help players explore vast terrains, although his pacifist nature means his defence is weak.

Ghostwire Tokyo review key art

Ghostwire: Tokyo review - Haunted by monotony

The latest from Tango Gameworks boasts excellent environment and enemy design, but spends too much of its supernatural journey leaning…

ghostwire tokyo playstation store winter sale ps4 ps5

Ghostwire: Tokyo has a slow start, but a promising buildup

The spooky open-world action adventure has great environment design and involved combat, but it takes a while to really get…

ghostwire tokyo visual novel

Ghostwire: Tokyo gets free visual novel prequel

Tango Gameworks is sharing more about Ghostwire: Tokyo's mysterious ghost hunter KK in a new visual novel.

fallout new vegas 2

Fallout New Vegas 2 rumours swirl once again

The long-rumoured Fallout New Vegas sequel has once again reared its head in the news cycle.

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