Exclusive Starfield merch going on offer in Sydney through Uber Eats

The partnership will take place between 14-15 October 2023, and only in Sydney, Australia.
bethesda uber eats starfield sydney

Bethesda ANZ and Uber Eats are teaming up to offer Sydney residents the chance to purchase exclusive Starfield merchandise via a digital storefront. The collection features various food, beverages, and collectible items like plants and mugs, most of which will be available only between 14-15 October 2023.

Once the promotion is over, or the items are sold out, most of them will disappear – so you’ll want to get in quick if you’ve got your eye on any of the items.

As of writing, it’s expected that anyone within the Sydney region will be able to order the announced foods and merchandise via Uber Eats, although an exact catchment area has not been outlined. It’ll be best to check to find out whether you’re eligible.

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When the Starfield x Uber Eats promotion kicks off, you’ll be able to nab the following items by ordering them from the Uber Eats app storefront:

Food & Drink

  • Starfield ‘Bitten’ Sandwich (A salami and cheese sandwich) – $7.50
  • Starfield Chunks (Red Cheesecake and Constellation) – $9.40
  • Starfield Tranquilitea Space Bean Espresso Coffee Bag – $16.50
  • Starfield Boom Pop! (Cola, Cherry, Orange, and Root Beer) – $7.50
  • Centauri Mills Cheddar Snack Crackers – $9.00
  • Advanced Nutrition Snack Pack (Choco Bites, White Choco Bites, and Gummi Bugs) – $7.50

Exclusive Merch Items

  • Starfield Nova Galactic Mug – $5.50
  • Starfield Constellation Toilet Paper – $1.20
  • Starfield Nova Galactic Flight Manual – $12.00
  • Starfield TerraBrew “To Go” Cup – $5.00
  • Constellation Succulent Plant & Pot – $12.00

Branded toilet paper really is a nice touch.

“From sweetrolls to sandwiches, food has always been a big part of Bethesda’s immersive world,” Simon Alty, VP & Managing Director, Bethesda APAC said of the collaboration. “We can’t wait for fans to try the menu items available and experience a little taste of what life among the stars could be like.”

Those keen for a taste of the stars should keep an eye on the Uber Eats app storefront between 14-15 October 2023.

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