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Heavenly Bodies Gamer's Guide Melbourne

Heavenly Bodies gets new Cleanup DLC in July 2023

Heavenly Bodies will get new challenges and gameplay mechanics in its upcoming expansion.

Heavenly Bodies 4 Player Update

Heavenly Bodies adds 4-player co-op mode in free update

The free mode comes ahead of a previously announced DLC content expansion.

Achievement Design in Australian games Heavenly Bodies

The Philosophy of Achievement Design in Australian Games

Much has been said about the completionist drive of video game achievement hunters, but how do developers approach their implementation?

Heavenly Bodies Gamer's Guide Melbourne

Heavenly Bodies studio 2pt Interactive share top Melbourne spots

The duo behind Heavenly Bodies, Alexander Perrin and Joshua Tatangelo, share their top Melbourne locations to eat, drink, and do…

Heavenly Bodies Review

Heavenly Bodies Review - Comedy and Tragedy

The physics-based puzzles of Heavenly Bodies are equal parts entertaining and frustrating, and both a comedy and a tragedy, depending…

The making of Heavenly Bodies

Beauty, Grace and Outer Space: The Making of Heavenly Bodies

The creators of Heavenly Bodies discuss unintentional comedy and their primary influences: The Soviet space program and Bennett Foddy's Getting…

heavenly bodies release date

Heavenly Bodies, the Aussie-made space adventure, launches in December

After three years in development, Heavenly Bodies finally has a launch date set.

heavenly bodies ps5

Heavenly Bodies showcases neat PS5 controller features

Heavenly Bodies, the Australian-made zero gravity hijinks game, will feature some impressive-sounding haptic feedback on PS5.