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Heavenly Bodies adds 4-player co-op mode in free update

The free mode comes ahead of a previously announced DLC content expansion.
Heavenly Bodies 4 Player Update

The excellent physics-based spice hijinks game Heavenly Bodies has received a cooperative 4-player mode in a new update, which comes ahead of a previously-announced DLC expansion for the game.

Developed by Australian outfit 2pt Interactive, the award-winning game revolves around a cosmonaut who is tasked with performing a series of relatively rudimentary tasks onboard a space station, made all the more difficult by the zero-gravity environment, as well as the fact that players need to manoeuvre the cosmonaut’s individual limbs and grips.

The game already featured a 2-player cooperative mode, which helped soften some of the challenge of tackling space duties solo. But it naturally presented a completely different set of problems, thanks to the presence of a second, physical body within the sometimes small spaces, as well as the need to communicate your intentions clearly to another human being to achieve your tasks.

The idea of a 4-player game mode usually invites the idea of a good time with additional friends, but in the case of Heavenly Bodies, brings the grim realisation that it’ll likely make the game even more challenging and chaotic. That’s all part of the experience, though – there are memories to be made during moments of utter chaos and confusion.

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The additional, forthcoming DLC update for Heavenly Bodies will add several new tools to the game, including a jetpack-like device called the Manned Manoeuvering Unit, a power drill to attach and unattach objects from one another, and a magnet gun. There is currently no confirmed release date for the new content, but 2pt Interactive has suggested an announcement is coming ‘very soon’.

Heavenly Bodies and its 4-player update are now available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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