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tiny garden ao norte game

Tiny Garden is a new life sim set in a Polly Pocket toy

Tiny Garden recently eclipsed its funding goal on Kickstarter, and is now heading for a range of stretch goals.

nintendo horror game

Nintendo appears to be teasing a new horror game

Could "Emio" refer to a new Nintendo Switch horror game?

nintendo switch sports basketball

Nintendo Switch Sports gets Basketball on July 9

Nintendo Switch Sports continues to get regular, free updates thanks to player loyalty.

nintendo wii u repairs

Nintendo Wii U parts have run out, so consoles can no longer be repaired

The Nintendo Wii U era has officially come to an end.

nintendo switch online nes

Nintendo Switch Online gets Donkey Kong Jr. Math and other NES games

Seven new games are now available to play via Nintendo Switch Online.

Gentle Cozy Games Teacup

5 Cozy Games to Try When You Feel Overwhelmed

These gentle, cozy video games offer a safe and relaxing place to retreat when the real world is feeling a…

nintendo direct zelda echoes of wisdom key art

Nintendo takes stance against generative AI in games

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has outlined Nintendo's stance on AI in a new investor Q&A.

le creuset pokemon

Le Creuset introduces Pokemon kitchenware collab

The new Le Creuset Pokemon Collection includes rice bowls, a rice pot, a kettle, and more.

epic mickey rebrushed thq nordic showcase

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed launches in September 2024

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed will land with a splat later this year.

terra nil vita nova update

Terra Nil gets free Vita Nova DLC in latest update

Vita Nova is the first major update for Free Lives' nature builder, Terra Nil.

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