Everything announced at PlayStation State of Play – September 2022

The PlayStation State of Play for September 2022 came packed with meaty announcements.
playstation state of play

The latest PlayStation State of Play showcase revealed a number of upcoming games for PS4, PS5, and PlayStation VR2. With around 20 minutes of announcements, there was a little something for everyone – and even tantalising hints about the far future of PlayStation.

Here’s everything announced during the show:

Tekken 8 is officially on the way

The PlayStation State of Play showcase kicked off with a trailer for Tekken 8, starring Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima fighting on a volcano. The action was hard-hitting and brutal, and looked deliciously next-gen. Jin tapped into his Devil Gene to win the battle, in a flurry of sparks.

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The game was labelled as coming to PlayStation 5 – although no release date was confirmed.

PlayStation VR 2 is getting a Star Wars VR adventure

One of the first major games coming to PlayStation VR2 is Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge: Enhanced Edition, a VR adventure taking place in the Star Wars universe. In this game, you’ll team up with heroes like R2-D2 and C3PO to conquer enemy forces.

It’s coming in 2023.

Demeo is in development for PlayStation VR

Demeo, the dungeon-crawling ‘tabletop RPG-like’ is coming to PlayStation VR2, and bringing all sorts of chaotic high fantasy goodness with it. The new trailer for the game did not date the experience – however, it was confirmed to be in development.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is a new samurai remake from RGG Studio

Next up in the State of Play was Like a Dragon: Ishin!, a remake of the samurai-starring Ishin! series from Yakuza developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. Not only does it feature massive katana-swinging battles, it also features a tiger. Count us in. The game is scheduled for February 2023.

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This was followed a brief new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy.

Mystery road game Pacific Drive will send you on a wild trip

The next trailer was for a mysterious adventure through a spooky wood – Pacific Drive. It appears players will be travelling across terrifying roads in this first-person journey, attempting to escape a hostile and terror-filled land in a tricked out car. It’s coming to PS5 in 2023.

Next up was a brief introduction to the PlayStation Stars loyalty program.

Synduality is a mysterious mecha planet crawler

Following this, Synduality was revealed. This mecha battler-adventure game will send players on trips through a harsh planet wilderness, farming new materials and fighting strange creatures in an effort to survive. It’s coming in 2023.

Stellar Blade is a post-apocalyptic battler

The next State of Play reveal was similarly apocalyptic. In Stellar Blade, you’ll journey through Xion, the city of the abandoned – an underground realm filled with towering structures and ancient graves. You’ll play as a deadly warrior – the ‘Angel of the Colony’ – working to take down ancient beasts with mechanical weaponry and devastating swordplay.

It’s exclusive to PS5, and coming in 2023.

Rise of the Rōnin is a new adventure from Team Ninja

The next major game announced was revealed with a gorgeous, sweeping trailer.

Rise of the Rōnin is set in 1863 Japan – and it looks to be another epic from Team Ninja (Nioh, Ninja Gaiden). In the adventure, you’ll play as a samurai warrior journeying through a war-torn world. It’s coming exclusively to PS5 in 2024.

God of War Ragnarok got a sweeping new trailer

The State of Play then revealed a special God of War Ragnarok-themed PS5 controller, alongside a new trailer spotlighting Atreus and his relationship with Kratos. This trailer introduced enemy harpies, winged warriors, and oozing, eldritch horrors.

The game arrives on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on 9 November 2022.

You can catch up with the entire PlayStation State of Play presentation on YouTube.

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