PlayStation handheld ‘Project Q’ is a Remote Play streaming device

PlayStation has unveiled a new portable device for streaming games from the PS5.
playstation portable device

Sony has officially confirmed development on a new PlayStation handheld device during its PlayStation Showcase, known under the ‘Project Q’ moniker. Following in the footsteps of the PlayStation Portable and the PS Vita, the device will enable users to play games on the go – but there is a catch. Unlike its predecessors, it appears to be a Remote Play only device.

You will need a PlayStation 5 console to run games, and these will be streamed to the handheld with Remote Play over Wi-Fi. As with most cloud-based gaming, you will need a strong internet connection to avoid latency.

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You can check out a glimpse of this new device via PlayStation:


According to the brief details provided, Project Q has an 8-inch HD screen, as well as a button layout that directly matches a standard DualSense controller. The device will also feature haptic feedback, as with the DualSense, and is reportedly capable of streaming games at 1080p and 60FPS with a solid Wi-Fi connection.

Notably, it does not appear to have cellular capabilities.

Project Q will enter a tough handheld gaming market, which is currently dominated by hearty devices that offer both streaming and on-board game playing functionality, like the Steam Deck and Ayaneo devices. Another competitor, the Asus ROG Ally, is set to join the race in June 2023.

Whether the appeal of playing PS5-exclusive games in handheld mode is enough to attract a new audience remains to be seen – and it’s likely essential details like pricing will be the dealbreaker for keen players.

Project Q is currently set to launch in 2023, although a firm release date has not been provided. When it launches, the device will be accompanied by new PlayStation wireless earbuds.

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