Hello Kitty Island Adventure to get second major update

Halloween is coming to Hello Kitty Island Adventure, thanks to the ever-spooky Kuromi.
hello kitty island adventure new update september 2023

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is set to get its second major content update today, with players invited to explore new locations, take part in fresh, Halloween-themed activities, and entertain a variety of new visitors. Update 1.2 – Kuromi’s Spooky Celebration follows directly on from the release of the LittleTwinStars-themed Update 1.1, expanding this chapter’s storylines and adventures.

Notably, Update 1.2 will introduce a major, much-requested feature, in the form of player-owned cabins – which can be decorated any way you like. In addition, the haunted mansion will now house new mysteries, and there’ll be plenty of other new items and outfits to collect as you solve new plots, and prepare for a dedicated trick-or-treat Spooky Celebration from 1 October to 6 November 2023.

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Here’s the full rundown of new features coming to Hello Kitty Island Adventure, courtesy of Apple and Sunblink:

Home Sweet Home – Players can finally claim a cabin as their very own and decorate it to their heart’s content! Plus, guests at a player’s island can even decorate their own Friendship Cabins. Build vacation homes together and watch friends decorate in real time!

New Visitors Baku, Berry & Cherry – Kuromi’s not alone during this spooky season: Baku arrives as a new permanent visitor, providing you can attract him with an especially Spooky cabin. Berry and Cherry, aka Lloromannic, will also be traveling and causing mischief throughout the month.

Spooky Celebration – From October 1 to November 6, players can trick-or-treat with Sanrio characters and get spooky treats! Trade spooky treats for exclusive furniture at the Spooky Event Stand and grab some limited-time outfits from the daily reward calendar.

The Story Continues… – Meanwhile, Kiki & Lala reveal even more of Cloud Island, while Retsuko discovers that Friendship Island is losing its color. Team up with friends or investigate this mystery solo to save the day.

There’ll be plenty to do in the new update, particularly with so many new faces to befriend. As well as Kiki and Lala opening up more, you can expect a strong array of new potential visitors to your island, all of which have unique cabin requirements. Explore Friendship Island widely, check out all the new locations now open for business, and you’ll eventually be able to carve out a cosy space for everyone.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is now available via Apple Arcade on iOS devices. The game’s new Update 1.2 is expected to roll out from 29 September 2023, so keep an eye out for this drop.

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