Hello Kitty Island Adventure: First major update revealed

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is getting a brand new story update featuring the LittleTwinStars.
hello kitty island adventure littletwinstars update

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is getting its first major update on 25 August 2023, with a whole bunch of new features arriving in the Apple Arcade-exclusive game. Update 1.1 will focus on the LittleTwinStars, who initially appeared in the base game as cameo characters. With the new update, they’ll get a starring role, as players will be able to befriend them and visit their home realm of Cloud Island.

They’ll introduce a range of new themed items, with fresh recipes and outfits to discover. You’ll also now be able to craft new ‘dreamy’ furniture items inspired by the cloudy, rainbow-filled world of the LittleTwinStars, and use these to decorate newly-opened Visitor Cabins.

To that end, several new visitors will also arrive in this latest update, including Tam and Pam, Tuxedosam’s penguin siblings, and Mocha and Espresso, two of Cinnamoroll’s best friends. Each visitor has unique cabin requirements, so you’ll need to hunt around for the best furniture and items to ensure they arrive comfortably.

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In addition to the new explorable biome and visitor inclusions, the latest update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure is set to introduce a new ‘Summer’s End Celebration’. Starting from 29 August 2023, players will be able to find collectible sunscreen around the beach of Friendship Island, with these being redeemable for new exclusive furniture, and limited-time outfits.

For a brief rundown, here’s everything confirmed to arrive in the latest Hello Kitty Island Adventure update, courtesy of Apple:

  • New Main Storyline – Go stargazing with Hello Kitty and several friends. Discover new secrets and find Sky Fragments that fall upon Friendship Island to unlock portals to an entirely new area – Cloud Island.
  • New Characters and Biome – Meet Kiki and Lala, the adorable LittleTwinStars who take care of Cloud Island. Cloud Island is a brand new biome, with its own unique landscape that can be accessed via cloud carts and features new visitor cabins.
  • New Visitors Tam & Pam – Tuxedosam’s siblings want to play! They’ll need Seaside Resort cabins to be close to Tuxedosam, plus a variety of fishy, fun, and tropical items to make them feel at home.
  • New Visitors Mocha & Espresso – More of Cinnamoroll’s friends are on the way! Mocha and Espresso will make their debut in the month of September. Much like Chiffon and Cappuccino, they’ll travel for a few days each month, so make sure you have a cabin prepared ahead of time!
  • New Items and Recipes – Obtain new furniture and expand your wardrobe with fashionably cute new outfits. Cook up new recipes – including a certain someone’s ultimate gift – using Snowcicles, Moon Cheese, and Starfruit. Plus, treat Kiki and Lala to some Moon Cheese or Snowcicles to receive stardust that can be exchanged for new Dreamy Set clothing and furniture.
  • Summer’s End Celebration – Starting 29 August, send off the summer season during a limited-time event by collecting sunscreen around the beach with the help of Hello Kitty and Friends. Redeem your sunscreen for exclusive furniture at the new Celebration Stand and snag limited-time outfits from the daily reward calendar.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is now available via Apple Arcade.

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