Freeplay: Parallels announces strong games lineup for 2023

Tickets are on sale for the annual showcase of personal, experimental, and culturally significant Australian games
Freeplay Parallels 2023 MIGW

The Freeplay Independent Games Festival has announced the lineup for Freeplay: Parallels 2023, the annual showcase of upcoming Australian games.

Among them are Fuzzy Ghost presenting their rental horror game Janet DeMornay is a Slumlord and a Witch, Jacob Janerka’s The Dungeon Experience, and Andrew Brophy’s much-anticipated surreal RPG Knuckle Sandwich. Here’s the full lineup, courtesy of Freeplay:

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Freeplay: Parallels 2023 is part of Melbourne International Games Week, which once again comprises of major events such as the consumer-facing PAX Aus, the industry-facing Games Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) along with the Australian Game Developer Awards, and the music and audio-focussed High Score conference.

ACMI is also hosting a range of activities on top of Freeplay Parallels, including a Cult of the Lamb: Live (4 October 2023), a live musical performance of the game’s score by composer Narayana Johnson, set to live gameplay. A showcase of serious games by Games for Change Asia Pacific is also being exhibited at the museum (6-7 October 2023), as well as an edition of ACMI’s Women and Non-Binary Gamers Club (4 October 2023).

Freeplay: Parallels 2023 will be hosted at ACMI in Melbourne on 5 October 2023, beginning at 6:30pm. Tickets are available for purchase via the ACMI website.

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