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Bear and Breakfast casts you as a bear running a BnB

Bear and Breakfast is a management game with a unique and very endearing premise - you are a bear, and you're trying your best.
bear and breakfast review

During the 2022 Day of the Devs livestream, as part of Summer Game Fest, Romanian developer Gummy Cat gave us a new animated trailer, and a more in-depth look at its adorable management strategy game Bear and Breakfast.

The name says it all, really – you are a bear named Hank. You live with your mother and your two best friends, and you’re running and maintaining a bed and breakfast venue in the woods, for human tourists.

It’s a wholesome and laid back-looking management game, and Gummy Cat called out lighthearted strategy games like Theme Hospital as its primary inspiration.

Bear and Breakfast will involve renovating and flipping abandoned log buildings, interior decorating, building new rooms and facilities, and of course, cooking delicious breakfasts for your guests.

The game will have a linear story that will progress by completing objectives and quests, but the developer describes Bear and Breakfast as having a ‘play at your own pace’ subplot, suggesting that you won’t necessarily be punished for doing the wrong thing, or be put under a strict time limit.

And, as seems to be the case with many cosy management games, there was the insinuation of a creepy subplot – Hank will eventually ‘find himself uncovering a plot deeper than the wilderness itself’.

Bear and Breakfast is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022. You can wishlist the game on Steam.

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