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Tunic game key art

Tunic and the Anatomy of a Video Game Secret

Tunic is game that's very good at dishing out the pure joy found in the discovery of the hidden secret.…

Australian cricket games

Why Cricket video games are vital to Australia's national identity

Big Ant Studios and Beam Software shared their perspective on the history of cricket games as part of the Born…

tiny tina's wonderlands tips

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 10 tips for your magical adventure

It's dangerous to journey through the Wonderlands alone. Take these tips with you.

kirby and the forgotten land release date plot open world

Everything we know about Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a new 3D platformer starring everybody's favourite pink blob. Here's what we know about…

wwe 2k22 rhea ripley

WWE 2K22 is a great showcase for Australian wrestling

WWE wrestler Rhea Ripley joins GamesHub to talk about the legacy of Australian wrestlers and WWE 2K22.

ubisoft scalar

Ubisoft Scalar aims to revolutionise game creation

Ubisoft Scalar will harness the power of cloud computing for even larger video game worlds.

australian cancelled video games

The Australian-made video games you'll never play

Cancelled video game projects reveal so much about the talent and technology of unique gaming eras.

Kardboard Kings

Kardboard Kings is a great Australian management game that ends too soon

The world and characters of Kardboard Kings are fascinating, but the game plays more like a proof of concept that…

ghostwire tokyo playstation plus games march 2023

Ghostwire: Tokyo has a slow start, but a promising buildup

The spooky open-world action adventure has great environment design and involved combat, but it takes a while to really get…

mario and luigi rpg franchise

Nintendo, it's time to bring back the Mario & Luigi franchise

The Mario & Luigi games are some of Nintendo's all-time bests. They deserve a return on Switch.

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