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The Diofield Chronicle gameplay demo preview

The Diofield Chronicle is Square Enix’s answer to Fire Emblem

The Final Fantasy publisher tweaks its strategy for The Diofield Chronicle, a new tactical RPG, and the result has us…

final fantasy xiv servers oceania

How to get started in the world of Final Fantasy XIV Online

Square Enix has released a major Starter Guide to help new players enter the world of Eorzea.

Street Fighter 6 Evo 2022 Juri

All the major fighting game news announced at Evo 2022

The Evo 2022 fighting game tournament featured a raft of news regarding new and existing fighting games.


The voice of Junker Queen on life before and after Overwatch 2

Australian-Sri Lankan actress Leah de Niese plays Junker Queen in Overwatch 2, but surprisingly, their two personalities are very different.

Best mobile games 2022 so far ios android

The best mobile games of 2022 (so far)

The best video games are often the ones you always have with you. Here are our picks for the best…

Dinkum and First Nations Erasure
Opinions & Analysis

Dinkum and the erasure of First Nations People in Australian video games

Dinkum is a life simulator set in a ‘fictional’ version of Australia. But that's no reason to ignore the history…

rollerdrome august 2022 game releases

All the major video game releases in August 2022

2022's game releases are starting to ramp up in August with several titles, big and small, that you should be…

rollerdrome game preview

Rollerdrome preview – Slave to the nosegrind

Rollerdrome features vivid movement, complex mechanics, and a sense of fluidity that leaps off the screen.

TCG cards

Card grading in Australia: is it worth it?

Card grading can be an expensive and slow process for Australian TCG collectors, but is it worth it in the…

best pc games of 2022 so far

The Best PC Games of 2022 (So Far)

PC gamers are never starved of great new games to play. Here are some of the best PC games we've…

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