Everything you need to know about PAX Aus 2022

PAX Aus 2022 is right around the corner. Ahead of the show, here's everything you need to know.
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PAX Aus 2022 is set to take place from 7-9 October 2022, with the weekend packed with video games, tabletop games, and pop culture exhibits, activations and events. It’s the first in-person PAX Aus event since 2019 – and that means it could very well be your first-ever PAX. Whether you’re a bright-eyed newcomer, or a veteran of the event, there’ll likely be something new to discover at this year’s show.

For a refresher course, or an introductory rundown for those lovely newbies, read on. Here’s everything you should know about PAX Aus 2022 – including what to see, and what to expect.

How to get to PAX Aus 2022 in Melbourne

PAX Aus 2022 is once again being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, located in South Wharf, Victoria. The venue is fairly central to the CBD, and just a short walk or train ride through the city – with plenty of public transport options around.

Parking is available for locals, otherwise you can catch the train to Southern Cross Station, and walk the rest of the way. The 96, 109 or 12 tram routes will also get you there, via a direct stop on Clarendon Street. Tram routes 70, 75 and the City Circle will also get you near enough to the venue that you can hop off and walk.

Stay tuned for exact daily opening and closing hours.

How to pick up your badges at PAX Aus 2022

This year, the PAX Aus social team led a major campaign for keen punters to have their PAX entry badges mailed out, which should reduce the amount of people waiting in line for badge pick up – but if you still need to claim your badge before the show, there are several ways to go about it.

You can turn up very early on your chosen days to line up for badge pick-up, or you can keep on eye on the PAX Aus social channels. In the past, the event has offered early badge pick-up on the Thursday before the show – and this might aid your quest to make the most of your days.

What to do at PAX Aus 2022

Once you’re firmly through the closed doors of PAX Aus, the world is your oyster. You’ll be able to run around buying merchandise, if you wish. You can head to the PAX Rising section to try out a whole bunch of cool indie games. If you’ve got time to spare, you can wait in queues to try out some upcoming blockbusters, like Sonic Frontiers.

You can also check out various panels delivered by games industry speakers in a variety of theatres, stop by the tabletop gaming area for a quick board or card game, or even go shopping at stores like the Kings Comics pop-up. Before you head into the show, it’s best to check out the event guidebook, see who’s exhibiting, and plan your day around visiting each booth and wandering the show floor.

PAX Aus 2022: Confirmed exhibitors and games

sonic frontiers gameplay trailer
Image: Sega

A handful of global developers and publishers have been confirmed to appear at PAX Aus 2022, with each bringing a variety of games and experiences. You can expect to see the following at the show:

  • Devolver Digital (Anger Foot, Gunbrella)
  • Sega (Sonic Frontiers)
  • Square Enix

Bethesda will also have a presence during proceedings, hosting a major ‘Worlds of Bethesda’ activation at The Dove Club in the Melbourne CBD.

In addition, a number of hardware companies will be showing off their wares, including AMD, ASUS, Aftershock PC, Audio-Technica, HTC, HyperX, Logitech G, Western Digital, Wacom, and Yamaha Music.

You can find the full list of exhibitors on the PAX Aus website.

What panels you should check out at PAX Aus 2022

There’s a range of excellent-sounding panels set to take place during the show, including some that focus on career pathways in games, others with more niche tilts – the dark history of The Sims lore, anyone? – as well as panels packed with trivia, fun facts, and deeper discussions.

You can view the full panel schedule via the PAX mobile app or online, or click below to see highlights handpicked by the GamesHub team:

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Will PAX Aus 2022 panels be livestreamed?

strangerville sims pax aus
Image: EA

Yes! Select panels at PAX Aus will be livestreamed for a global audience. These will be shared via Twitch, and can be accessed via the official PAX website.

Panels held in the Main Theatre, Quokka Theatre, and Wombat Theatre will all be livestreamed via unique Twitch channels. Everything not taking place in these panels will be exclusive to the in-person audience.

Covid restrictions at PAX Aus 2022

The local ReedPop team is working closely with MCEC management to ‘take all necessary precautions for public health’ – but the event is strictly beholden to the Covid rules and restrictions that currently apply to all of Victoria.

That means masks are not mandatory in public indoor spaces – although they are recommended. Vaccinations are also not required, but are recommended.

This means you’re likely to encounter people at PAX Aus 2022 who are not wearing masks. For your own safety, it’s best to wear one when travelling through any indoor spaces, and on the show floor.

Where to eat around the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

There are plenty of places to dine out around the MCEC. Melbourne is absolutely packed with fine and fast food dining experiences. You can check out great burgers at a variety of restaurants – Merrywell Burger Bar and Royal Stacks come highly recommended – or you can try something completely new.

For a comprehensive guide to the best places to eat, drink and be merry during PAX Aus 2022, head to the official GamesHub Gamer’s Guide to Melbourne page:


Where to take a break when you feel overwhelmed

a halloween valentine game
Image: Things for Humans

There’s a lot going on at PAX Aus every year, with the exhibition hall often packed with keen video game fans. The noise in the main hall can be catastrophic, and there’s rarely a quiet corner to find. If you start to feel overwhelmed, you’ve got a couple of options for relief.

The lawn outside the MCEC is usually quieter, and you’ll be able to catch a nice breeze if you sit down and chill here. It’s usually populated by cosplayers being photographed, but they’re never too rowdy or inconsiderate (although there was a host of Waluigi cosplayers causing a ruckus one year).

You can also take a brief sojourn into the PAX Indie Showcase area (also known as PAX Rising) to play a quiet indie game or two – you’ll usually get handed a set of headphones here, which may help with the noise fatigue. The Handheld Lounge on ground floor may also provide the peace you’re looking for.

Alternatively, the upstairs areas of the MCEC are usually much quieter, particularly when panels are ongoing. Head on up the main stairs (you’ll find these at the back of the building) and you’ll find a quiet bubble to relax in. There are a few welcoming lounges on this level too, so you’ll be able to take a breather or settle in for some quieter chats.

PAX Aus 2022 takes place from 7-9 October 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Victoria. This year heralds a grand return for the event after several years away, and should be a fantastic time for video game fans.

Leah J. Williams is a gaming and entertainment journalist who's spent years writing about the games industry, her love for The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS and every piece of weird history she knows. You can find her tweeting @legenette most days.