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halo infinite beta

Everything announced at the Xbox Anniversary Event

Here's everything you missed at Tuesday morning's event.

forza horizon 5 audio

The Art of Forza Horizon 5's Audio Design

Lead Audio Designer Fraser Strachan talks about how his role and work fits within the Playground Games team, and how…

forza horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is Xbox Game Studios' biggest launch yet

The open-world driving game marks a new milestone in the popularity of Xbox Game Pass and their PC, console, and…

xbox game developers

Xbox wants to acquire more social and casual game developers

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has ambitions to make gaming on their platforms more attractive to broader audiences.

forza horizon maverick games studio

Forza Horizon 5 Review - A winning formula and a beautiful world

Forza Horizon 5 continues to focus on the joy of driving with a reverence for its environments, and it's still…

the xbox series x is a bit part of the console shortage

Xbox console shortage to continue into 2022, says Xbox boss Phil Spencer

The head of Xbox anticipates that console shortage sruggles will continue for some time.

Microsoft is helping Xbox be a more accessibility-friendly ecosystem

Microsoft adds accessibility tags to Xbox Store, free developer course soon

Microsoft is further committing to accessibility in videogames with several new updates coming to the Xbox ecosystem, a course to…

Sable game review

Sable Review: A Diamond in the Rough

Sable's non-linear structure is liberating, letting you explore at your own whim. But its many technical issues contrive to hinder…

Xbox Cloud Gaming is available in Australia

Xbox Cloud Gaming service launches in Australia

The Xbox Cloud Gaming service will let you play a variety of Xbox games using PC and mobile devices on…

The poster for videogame Twelve Minutes (12 Minutes)

Twelve Minutes Review - Mistaking shock for substance

An A-list Hollywood cast can't help the fact that Twelve Minutes ultimately has nothing of value to say.

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