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kingdom hearts final fantasy

Kingdom Hearts introduced Final Fantasy characters as a gateway for fans

Tetsuya Nomura has opened up about the future of Kingdom Hearts, and whether the fourth instalment will include Final Fantasy…

kingdom hearts lost master

AEW, WWE fans are debating Kingdom Hearts on live TV

Kingdom Hearts lore is being debated onscreen, for all the wrestling world to see.

kingdom hearts game chip 'n dale rescue rangers

Kingdom Hearts is finally recognised as Disney canon

Kingdom Hearts makes a wild appearance in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers that may confirm it's 'canon' to Disney lore.

kingdom hearts
Opinions & Analysis

Kingdom Hearts is an impossible game that shouldn't exist

Kingdom Hearts feels like a small miracle in an age where character rights are protected so fiercely.

kingdom hearts 4 worlds
Opinions & Analysis

The 10 best Kingdom Hearts worlds, and why they're so special

Kingdom Hearts is home to many gorgeous, Disney-inspired worlds – but there are some that outshine the rest.

kingdom hearts 4 lost master arc
Opinions & Analysis

Kingdom Hearts 4's Lost Master is a major mystery

The next chapter of Kingdom Hearts lore will focus on a mysterious Lost Master – but who could it be?

kingdom hearts lore hotel

Tokyo Disney hides Kingdom Hearts lore in hotel room

Tokyo Disney is inviting guests to stay at a special Kingdom Hearts hotel room, where a surprise is waiting in…


The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Sora, the protagonist from Square Enix and Disney's Kingdom Hearts series, was announced as the 89th and final character for…