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Wren Brier, developer of Unpacking, shares her 2021 gaming highlights
Opinions & Analysis

Wren Brier's Top 3 Gaming Highlights of 2021

Wren Brier, the developer of the award-winning game Unpacking, shares her gaming highlights of 2021.

Simon Boxer Ring of Pain Game of the Year 2021
Opinions & Analysis

Simon Boxer's Top 3 Games of 2021

Simon Boxer, the developer of Ring of Pain, shares his Top 3 video games of 2021.

unpacking game of the year 2021

Unpacking is GamesHub's Game of the Year 2021

With a charming gameplay loop and effective storytelling, Unpacking by Witch Beam Games is our Game of the Year for…

Best Australian Games 2021

The Best Australian Games of 2021

Australia's game developers continues makes phenomenal things. Here are our picks for the best Australian Games of 2021.

Best Mobile Games 2021

The Best Mobile Games of 2021

Smartphone games can be portable console experiences or something completely unique. Here are our picks for the Best Mobile Games…

Best PC Games 2021

The Best PC Games of 2021

PC gamers can play almost everything, so we decided to celebrate our favourite PC-first games of 2021.

Best Nintendo Games 2021

The Best Nintendo games of 2021

A roster of familiar faces and characters mark the highlights of the best Nintendo games of 2021


The Best Xbox Games of 2021

From great co-op experiences to iconic racing and shooting blockbusters, here are our picks for the best Xbox games of…

best playstation games 2021

The Best PlayStation games of 2021

Despite a quieter year, PlayStation enjoyed a slew of great titles, including some standout platform exclusives.

the best games of 2021

The Best Games of 2021 - A Top Ten

From Deathloop, to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to Unpacking, 2021 had a great range of beautiful video games. Here…

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