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dragon age dreadwolf game

Laid off Dragon Age QA workers will picket BioWare Edmonton

Workers who unionised under the Keywords Edmonton United banner were laid off in October 2023.

Accessibility. Image shows young woman with long dark hair and a light top in front of computer screen and microphone. She is looking at the camera over her shoulder. She is wearing headphones and using a wheelchair.
Opinions & Analysis

Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility

Don't leave it to the people with accessibility needs to do all the heavy lifting.

xbox inworld microsoft

Microsoft to create AI tools for game development

Microsoft believes its partnership with Inworld will "empower game developers" worldwide.

Mike Morhaime, Dreamhaven CEO and founder of Blizzard Entertainment

Former Blizzard CEO reflects on company as Microsoft merger closes

Speaking at SXSW Sydney, Mike Morhaime shared some insight into his departure from the company he co-founded.

daredevil cancelled game prototype

Cancelled Daredevil game for PS2 resurfaces with newly-discovered prototype

Hidden Palace has uncovered a nearly-complete prototype of a cancelled Daredevil game from the 2000s.

mystiques sydney weird games

Sydney game developers are getting weird, despite the risks

At SXSW Sydney 2023, local Sydney game developers discussed why weird games are so important, and why they persist in…

Gwent Key Art CD Projekt Red

To Gwentfinity and Beyond: The democratic future of The Witcher card game 

After a six-year run, CD Projekt Red’s beloved card game is ready for its second life.

Rainbow High Runway Rush

Expanding the ‘girl game' genre with Rainbow High: Runway Rush

For the developers of Rainbow High: Runway Rush, 'girl games' aren't just for young girls anymore.

Freeplay Parallels 2023 visual identity key art

Freeplay: Parallels 2023 – Everything we learned

Freeplay Parallels 2023 was a showcase of weird, wonderful, and insufferable (their words not ours) Australian games.

Cuisineer key art

The Story of Cuisineer – From Last Supper To Rogue-Like Feast

The Hades-meets-Diner Dash game is much anticipated – but was the result of a last-ditch hail mary for Singaporean studio…

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