Bandai Namco unveils Nintendo work-for-hire teams, Studio 2 and Studio S

Bandai Namco Studios have long contributed to Nintendo games like Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, with more to come.
Bandai Namco Studios - Studio 2 and Studio S key visual

It’s long been known that developers at Bandai Namco Studios, the developers of games like Tekken, Ace Combat, and the Tales series, have contributed efforts towards many of Nintendo’s flagship first-party games. The company is named as a development partner on titles like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, Mario Kart Tour, and more.

Now, the company has pushed this work-for-hire arm into the spotlight, both revealing the names of the divisions – Bandai Namco Studio 2 and Studio S – and launching a fresh new website elevating their work.

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It appears to also serve as a callout to any future potential partners and prospective employees, featuring Japanese-language interviews with the staff about their workflow and processes. There are currently a number of open positions for an upcoming Nintendo action game, with jobs for game designers, engineers, and artists.

Among the statistics shared on the website, the studio reveals that it currently has 152 employees, of which 22% are women. 41% of the team is made up of artists, with producers making up 37%, and the rest are engineers. 32% of the company joined as fresh graduates, and the studio spends approximately 89% of its time working remotely.

Outside of Studio 2 and Studio S, Bandai Namco has also assisted Nintendo by developing games like the Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament, and the Mario Kart Arcade GP series, which has seen four iterations created for arcades and amusement centres.

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