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best cooking video games
Opinions & Analysis

The 7 best cooking video games, ranked by accuracy

Cooking features often in video games, but it's not always represented well. Let's take a look at the most accurate…

A track from Kirby Super Star is up for a Grammy

Kirby tune nominated for a 2022 Grammy Award

A new big band arrangement of a track from the 1996 Kirby Super Star game on Super Nintendo has been…

Death Stranding studio Kojima Productions has moved into Film, TV and Games

Kojima Productions opens dedicated music, TV, and film branch

Long known for their cinematic approach to video games, Hideo Kojima and his company are making real moves into linear…

dragon age 4 creative director matt goldman

Dragon Age 4 senior creative director leaves Bioware

Matt Goldman, senior creative director on the Dragon Age franchise, has departed developer BioWare.

pokemon go niantic metaverse

Pokemon Go developer Niantic gets $416 million 'Real-World Metaverse' investment

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has received a $416 million investment, which will be used to create the 'real world' metaverse.

mass effect amazon tv show

Amazon reportedly nears deal to create a 'Mass Effect' TV show

A new report claims Mass Effect is being adapted for TV by Amazon Studios.

harmonix epic games acquisition fortnite

Epic Games acquires Rock Band developer to make music for Fortnite

Harmonix has been acquired by Epic Games, with plans for the company to work on creating 'musical journeys' in Fortnite.

activision blizzard committee

Activision Blizzard board forms 'Workplace Responsibility Committee'

Activision Blizzard's new 'Workplace Responsibility Committee' will oversee the company's current crisis.

magic the gathering tabletop gaming digital tools

Tabletop gaming is adopting digital tools for a brighter future

Tabletop gaming is starting to resemble its digital counterpart as coronavirus reshapes whole communities.

radiohead kid a mnesia exhibition ps5

The Radiohead KID A MNESIA Exhibition for PS5 is an uncanny experience

Legendary alternative band Radiohead have built a free interactive art exhibition for the PlayStation 5 and PC. It’s very cool.

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