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twitch layoffs march 2023

Twitch undergoes layoffs, over 400 staff impacted

Twitch has announced a round of layoffs as it contends with the current 'macroeconomic environment'.

morbius film twitch streaming

Morbius is being streamed live 24/7 on the 'Artifact' Twitch tag

Morbius, the Sony film that has achieved cult status thanks to internet memes, is being streamed live 24/7 via the…

twitch layoffs march 2023

Twitch is reportedly planning major cuts to creator revenue

A new report has claimed the Twitch revenue split between creators and the company will advance to 50/50.

id@xbox indie game xbox announcements

Xbox is hosting a new ID@Xbox showcase on Thursday

The latest ID@Xbox showcase is set for March 17, and will include new game announcements.

VTubing laynalazer

How VTubing encourages creative self-expression for streamers

VTubing is often misunderstood, but it has the power to free creators and give them a new way to connect…

grand theft auto v

Grand Theft Auto V is 2021's most watched game on Twitch

Grand Theft Auto V is the most streamed game on Twitch this year, despite releasing in 2013.

nintendo switch twitch

You can now watch Twitch directly from your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users will now be able to watch game streams on-the-go.

Live streaming service Twitch has been hacked

Livestreaming platform Twitch hacked, private information leaked online

The live streaming platform Twitch has been hacked, with a number of details about the company's business operations becoming public…


From Twitch streamer to studio lead, Loriipops is changing games culture

Lorien Gugich will bring six years of partnered Twitch streaming, experience in production and community management, and a passion for…