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halo 3 game joseph staten

Veteran Halo developer joins Netflix to make an original AAA game

Staten previously worked for Microsoft and Bungie, developing Halo and Destiny.

Halo Infinite 343 Industries

343 Industries shares commitment to Halo, following layoffs

343 Industries has reaffirmed its commitment to developing the Halo series in the wake of major layoffs at the studio.

battlefield 2042 ea

EA announces new Battlefield campaign from Halo co-creator

The first project from the newly-established Ridgeline Games will be a narrative campaign for the Battlefield franchise.

halo master chief collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection could get microtransactions

Developer 343 Industries is currently looking to add 'Spartan Points' into the game.

Halo TV series Episode 9 recap Season 1 finale transcendance

Halo TV Series - Episode 9 Recap - ‘Transcendence’

The Episode 9 Season 1 Finale of the Halo TV Series gives us lots of action, a few gotchas, and…

Halo TV series episode 8 recap allegiance

Halo TV Series – Episode 8 Recap – ‘Allegiance’

Master Chief finds love and bonds are tested as Season One of the Halo TV series enters its high-stakes conclusion.

Halo TV series episode 7 recap inheritance

Halo TV Series – Episode 7 Recap – ‘Inheritance’

Master Chief, Cortana, and the UNSC take a break from the Halo TV series as Kwan and Soren take the…

halo tv series episode 6 recap solace

Halo TV Series – Episode 6 Recap – ‘Solace’

Following the aftermath of the big battle, Episode 6 continues to take the Halo TV series into the world of…

Halo TV Series – Episode 5 Recap – ‘Reckoning’

Halo TV Series – Episode 5 Recap – ‘Reckoning’

Episode 5 of the Halo TV series finally brings some consequences to the events of the last few episodes, with…

Halo TV series recap Episode 4 Homecoming

Halo TV Series - Episode 4 Recap - ‘Homecoming’

The Halo TV series settles comfortably into procedural drama mode as the subplots continue to spin.

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