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elden ring game piano controller

Elden Ring player completes game by playing piano

An Elden Ring player has done the impossible: beaten the game using a piano controller.

Elden Ring fromsoftware playstation store deals january sale

FromSoftware nears completion of next game, hiring for new projects

Developer FromSoftware is reportedly nearly ready to show off its next big adventure, with more on the way.

elden ring survival mode best xbox games of 2022

New Elden Ring mod gives you diseases, starvation

A new Elden Ring mod has added a unique Survival Mode to the game, in case the game's difficulty isn't…

elon musk has shared his elden ring character build, and it's pretty awful

Elon Musk shared his Elden Ring character build, and it's kinda awful

Elon Musk has shared his Elden Ring character build with the world via Twitter, and he's caused quite a bit…

elden ring co-op mode mod

Elden Ring co-op mode created by modder, launch soon

An Elden Ring modder has implemented a new, seamless co-op mode into the PC version of the game.

Elden Ring patch notes tutorial

New Elden Ring patch shoves the tutorial in your face

The new Elden Ring patch 1.04 introduces a new, in-your-face popup that ensures new players don't miss the very missable…

elden ring underwear

Forbidden Elden Ring underwear is now soft-banning players

The Deathbed Smalls item is now soft-banning players from taking part in regular online gameplay.

Elden Ring fromsoftware playstation store deals january sale
Opinions & Analysis

Elden Ring is made more approachable by its community

Elden Ring is the most generous Souls game to date, but what really makes it welcoming is the enormous community…

Elden Ring patch notes

Elden Ring patch version 1.03 released, here are the big changes

The new v1.03 patch for Elden Ring introduces a number of additions, including the ability to track NPCs.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring has sold 12 million copies worldwide in just 2 weeks

The latest game from Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware, in collaboration with George R.R. Martin, has reached an impressive milestone.

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