FromSoftware nears completion of next game, hiring for new projects

Developer FromSoftware is reportedly nearly ready to show off its next big adventure, with more on the way.
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If you’re just about done with Elden Ring, there’s good news on the horizon. According to game director Hidetaka Miyazaki, work on the next major FromSoftware title is nearly done, with ‘multiple’ other games also on the way. The company appears to be on an aggressive hiring spree, the results of which could soon be seen in fresh FromSoftware adventures.

As Kotaku points out, games pictured in this hiring call include past hits Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro – as well as Armored Core, a classic third-person mecha shooter franchise that is currently the subject of reboot rumours. Signs point to this being the next big FromSoftware hit, although this has yet to be confirmed by official sources.

What is confirmed is that the iconic developer has several mystery, unannounced projects waiting in the wings – including one that appears to be close to a grand reveal.

‘Development is currently in the final stages,’ Miyazaki confirmed to (as translated by Gematsu). ‘I’m already working on my next title as a director, so I’d like to avoid giving too much away there…’

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Miyazaki further spoke about wanting to create more ‘abstract fantasy’ in future – a goal which may rear its head in any of the upcoming titles reportedly in development at FromSoftware.

‘We’re developing several titles by directors other than myself in addition to the title that I’m directing, but we’re not at the stage where I can share any details yet,’ Miyazaki confirmed.

While there’s nothing concrete to go on just yet, FromSoftware has garnered a reputation for developing high quality, large scale adventures with excellent detail and creativity.

Whatever the development team are working on next will likely be no exception to their modern standard – whether the latest project turns out to be that Armored Core reboot, or something else entirely. We’ll likely find out exactly what these are in the coming months and years.

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