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Tencent and Apple lead carbon emissions change in the games industry

A new AfterClimate report has revealed how the games industry is addressing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental sustainability.

xbox controller remix special edition

The newest Xbox controller is made from recovered plastics

The Xbox Wireless Controller - Remix Special Edition has been designed to celebrate Earth Day.

Xbox Energy Consumption Carbon Emissions Measurement Tool GDC 2023

Xbox's new energy measurement tools are world changing

New energy monitoring tools from Xbox have let Fortnite save a wind farm's worth of energy every day, and this…

Terra Nil Screenshot

Terra Nil devs announce conservation charity donation

Terra Nil is coming to PC and Netflix in March, and developers are donating a portion of their profits to…

Video game company environmental impact report net zero carbon

Environmental efforts of video game companies assessed in new report 

The Game Industry Net Zero Snapshot sees major companies like Square Enix and Roblox neglecting efforts towards net zero carbon…

sony playstation environmental pledge

Sony pledges to eliminate environmental footprint by 2040

Sony has accelerated its goals to reduce its carbon footprint and transition to renewable energy across its entire operation.

xbox sustainability

Xbox shares sustainability update in new report

Xbox has renewed its commitment to sustainability, with a fresh set of goals to be achieved by 2030.

wood weather paper house game environmental impact

Aussie developer Paper House will track its environmental impact going forward

Australian indie developer Paper House will track the environmental toll of its game development in an effort to reduce the…