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Terra Nil devs announce conservation charity donation

Terra Nil is coming to PC and Netflix in March, and developers are donating a portion of their profits to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.
Terra Nil Screenshot

After years of development, Terra Nil, the upcoming reverse city builder game by Free Lives, is releasing on 28 March 2023. The studio confirmed the release date today in a Twitter post, sharing a new trailer, and also announcing that 8% of Steam sale profits will be donated to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

The EWT is a South African-based not-for-profit focused on saving endangered species and conserving natural habitats. Free Lives called them the ‘perfect people’ to enact real-world change that stays true to the core message of the game.


‘From the very beginning of development, we’ve wanted Terra Nil to have a real world impact,’ the Free Lives team said in a Steam update. ‘Being able to contribute to the [EWT] feels Terra Nil has reached its original purpose – helping put the environment in the spotlight, both in-game and in the real world.’

Terra Nil is an environmental strategy game with a core twist. Rather than building a densely-populated metropolis, players must regenerate a barren wasteland into a thriving ecosystem, bringing the game world back to life.

Players must purify the soil, clean oceans, and recycle buildings before leaving without a trace to allow wildlife and nature to take over. Procedurally generated maps mean no two playthroughs are the same, with varying terrain to nurture, and bring back from the brink.

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It’s one of many environmentally-focused games that have been in the spotlight in recent years, joining the ranks of games like Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, Miska, and Wood & Weather.

Terra Nil will be available on PC and Netflix for Mobile on 28 March 2023, with a free demo already available for Steam users. Those who pre-order the game will receive a free upgrade to the Deluxe Edition, which comes with the original soundtrack and a digital art book.

Emily Spindler-Carruthers is a journalist interested in writing about diversity and accessibility in gaming, and the ways in which video games can impact communities. You can find her @Sagef0xx on Twitter.