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ea mass effect n7 day 2022 sims 4

Mass Effect 4 update - EA celebrates N7 Day with Sims 4 crossover

EA is celebrating N7 Day with a handful of fun announcements, and a major tease about the future.

iron man video game marvel ea

EA announces 'at least' three new Marvel games

The first of the three games has already been announced – it will focus on Iron Man.

dragon age mass effect bioware layoffs

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is now fully playable

A new development update has indicated major progress on the upcoming Dragon Age sequel.

sims 2 alien invasion theory
Opinions & Analysis

The Sims 2 hid a secret alien invasion beneath our noses

Playing through every game of The Sims 2 era reveals a dark plot about alien invasions and Sim replacements.

the sims 5 wishlist predictions future
Opinions & Analysis

Every new and returning feature we want in The Sims 5

The Sims 4 is ready to be sunsetted. Here's what we'd like to see in a brand new Sims sequel.

the sims 4 behind the sims summit

Everything announced at Behind The Sims Summit

Here's everything announced during Behind The Sims Summit, a showcase for the future of the franchise.

apex legends game catalyst hero

Apex Legends introduces new trans hero, Catalyst

Catalyst is the first trans woman to join the Apex Legends roster of heroes. Here's what you need to know.

dead space trailer

The first Dead Space remake gameplay trailer is here

The Dead Space remake has a spooky new trailer that'll delight fans of the original.

ea koei tecmo wild hearts game

EA and Koei Tecmo's Wild Hearts launches in February 2023

The game was officially revealed with a debut gameplay trailer that showed off sleek action and innovation.

wild hearts ea koei tecmo

Wild Hearts from EA and Koei Tecmo could launch in 2023

Wild Hearts, the new Monster Hunter rival from EA and Koei Tecmo, could be circling a 2023 launch.

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