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Respawn adds Apex Legends ‘Lore Hub’ detailing game narrative

Apex Legends' dense lore has been detailed and timelined by developer Respawn Entertainment.
apex legends lore hub

While you’re taking part in skirmishes in Apex Legends, it’s easy to forget the game actually has a strong narrative focus, and that each hero has a dense backstory attached. Now, developer Respawn Entertainment is making it much easier to dive into this story and learn more about each season, phase, and hero, with its newly-launched Apex Legends ‘Lore Hub’.

Within the Lore Hub, players will be able to browse a timeline of Apex Legends events, beginning with the latest Revelry story trailer, through to the introductions of heroes Catalyst, Loba, Bangalore, and Horizon, and all the way to the very beginning of the game.

Every video, comic, motion comic, and short story ever released for Apex Legends is presented in chronological order in this hub, and each entry features a descriptive snippet teasing the game’s backstory, and the many challenges facing heroes.

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Image: EA / Respawn Entertainment

Not only is it a great way to keep up to date with the current season, which revolves around a ‘party’ thrown by Duardo Silva, it’s also fantastic for newer players who may be unaware of the origins of their favourite hero. While character and season launch trailers can be considered throwaway at times, this presentation puts the game’s lore in a much-needed spotlight.

Whether you just want to learn more about Catalyst, a terraformer and conjurer with the ability to control dangerous ferrofluid, or you want to dive deeper into the conspiracy at the heart of Apex, this timeline will certainly come in handy.

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Every season is defined by a wild story, and whether players have time to jump in or not, they’ll now be able to catch up with these events at any point.

If you ever feel lost with a new season launch, or you’re curious about the latest hero arrival, keep the Apex Legends Lore Hub in mind. It’s likely to teach you everything you need to know about this ongoing, ever-popular multiplayer shooter.

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