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EA reportedly cancels Apex Legends x Titanfall crossover game

The reportedly cancelled sequel would have been called 'Titanfall Legends'.
titanfall apex legends game cancelled

EA has reportedly cancelled a planned Apex Legends and Titanfall crossover video game designed to finally bring both worlds together. As Bloomberg details, the ‘Titanfall Legends‘ project was being developed by Respawn Entertainment, and would have been a unique single-player campaign game.

Fans have long assumed that the two games are connected, thanks to similarities in appearance and in-game lore – and it appears this has now been confirmed, albeit in unfortunate circumstances. While Titanfall Legends did appear to be in active development at EA (with designer Mohammad Alavi (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) serving as game director), Bloomberg reports it has now been officially cancelled.

Previously, the existence of the game had been kept secret. It was not publicly announced, and was never detailed in upcoming plans for EA or Respawn – much like Apex Legends was before its surprise release. Despite this, it appears a large, dedicated team of developers had been working on the project.

The team of 50 who had been working on the title were reportedly informed of the cancellation on 31 January. According to Bloomberg, they will be assigned to new projects where possible, or otherwise laid off.

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Beyond this news, it’s already been a big week for EA. To kick off February, the company announced a major delay for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The sunsetting of both Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile was also announced on the same day.

Given EA announced a downturn in forecasted revenue for early 2023, these decisions are assumed to be a result of rescoped financial planning, and a reduction in expected sales. Despite recent success, it’s quickly becoming clear that not even the video games industry is immune to the impact of global economic downturn.

While a Titanfall and Apex Legends game would have been an exciting idea, we won’t see the fruit of this crossover for now. The dream of Titanfall Legends is over – gone as quickly as it arrived.

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